Do you have questions about your meditation practice?

The biggest reason why people stop meditating is because there is no “Genius Bar” for meditation, and few teachers have enough experience and understanding of the inner workings of meditation to provide someone they don’t know with competent, sensible answers to their meditation questions.

Most people resort to Googling for answers, which leads to all manner of contradicting and overly complicated advice, or woo-woo dismissals like “you’re not letting go of your thoughts enough.”

This quickly leads to skipping meditations, which results in the meditator mistakenly concluding that he or she can’t meditate or that meditation doesn’t work for them. But all it means is you need a higher quality of support. I offer support for the meditators I train in person. But there are few options for people who’ve only read meditation books, or taken online courses—until now.

I want to provide you with quality support

Because so many DIY meditators reach out to me with questions about their experiences, I’ve set up this comprehensive assessment to help me provide you with the most relevant answers to your questions.

The assessment below will help me understand the many variables that must be considered before providing you with suggestions for improving your practice. I’ll need to know what kind of meditation you’ve been doing and how long you’ve been practicing. I’ll want to know about the quality of your sleep, a little bit about your diet, your current stress levels, etc. Because it takes time to properly review and assess each person’s situation, and provide you with useful answers, there is a monetary exchange for this assessment.

How to get started with the assessment?

To get started with the assessment, fill out the form below, then write your questions, and at the end you will be asked to make a $108 exchange for my time and expertise. I will then review your assessment along with the questions you submitted, and send you back answers that will help you improve your experience or your understanding of your experience.

I can answer the majority of questions regarding most meditation styles, not just Vedic Meditation or Bliss More. So ask away. And if for some reason I can’t provide you with an answer, I will gladly refund your exchange.



Alternatives to the assessment?

If you just want general complimentary advice, I suggest you read my how-to-meditate book, Bliss More—or if you’ve already read it, complete the free companion 21-day challenge. This will give you exposure to a system of meditating that may help you to clear up your confusion.

If you need more specific answers and not just stock or generic meditation advice, my comprehensive meditation assessment form will help me understand the full spectrum of your situation and provide you with key insights and practical answers.

There’s nothing arbitrary or complicated about meditation, so if I have enough quality information about your situation, I can help you understand what’s happening in your practice or how to improve your experiences.