The true value of meditation

In February 2003, I paid a guy $400 to show me how to meditate properly (which was all the money in the world to me at the time). This was after several years of struggling to meditate and feeling like I couldn’t overcome my monkey mind and all the other excuses I now hear other people use (I don’t have time, it doesn’t work for me, I tried but I’m too antsy, etc). After studying with my teacher, I found meditation to be easier and more enjoyable than I ever imagined. And I finally felt like I was optimizing the time I spent meditating instead of wasting it by using shoddy guesswork.

If you’ve never worked with an expert with an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of meditation and you don’t have a structured practice, it’s almost guaranteed that you are working harder than necessary to meditate and that you likely are not optimizing your experiences, which is the meditation equivalent of driving with your emergency break on.

If you value your time the way I do, then know that the least expensive way to optimize meditation (by far) is to pay someone to personally train and support you in your practice. If you look at it through the lens of a week-long training, it will seem very expensive (at first). But if you look at it in the context of something you’ll hopefully be doing each day for the rest of your life (that’s literally thousands of meditations) and all of the millions of life decisions that will be positively influenced by the clarity you derive from your enjoyable daily practice, the upfront cost is a like investing in Apple back when Steve Jobs was just starting out in his garage.

— Light

What’s missing from most meditation offerings

There are plenty of "free" and inexpensive options for learning how to meditate, but you need to know how they differ from the teaching service I am providing, and how the overwhelming majority of those options are often lacking in these key ingredients for success:


Because there is no worldwide certification program for teaching meditation, anyone could refer to themselves as a meditation "teacher." But most teachers are not actually teachers. They are guides, which means they don't actually teach you how to meditate on your own. Instead, they guide you through a series of meditative prompts and visual cues. Without actually learning how to meditate on your own, you will always be dependent on an app, a class, or a person to guide you every time you want to meditate—which is expensive over the longterm and often results in an inconsistent practice.

Comprehensive instruction

Most meditation teacher don’t understand the inner workings of the mind. They may say not to resist thoughts, but they don’t know why. Or they may instruct you to let go of certain thoughts or witness others, and this is also counter opposed to how the mind operates. On the contrary, we’ll be examining meditation from every angle, and learn how to really simplify your practice so it feels incredibly easy and effortless.

A personal touch

Not everyone processes information in the same way, and having access to a live teacher will be exponentially more beneficial than taking your chances with an online platform or any other faceless platform. Having a teacher in the room to answer specific questions about your individual circumstances will put you in the best position for starting a successful daily meditation practice.

Ongoing support

This is often the gaping hole in 90% of the meditation offerings online (particularly apps). Almost no one offers ongoing support. But in our experience, it’s extremely unlikely that you will continue meditating over the long term without at least some ongoing support (Where would Apple be without the Genius Bar?).


If an organization does happen to offer ongoing support, they will usually shuffle you around to different teachers who may or may not be familiar with your history as a meditator, and you'll keep having to re-explain your background and experiences to the new teacher. With us, you'll have one teacher indefinitely, unless you prefer to be supported by another teacher in our network. Either way, this allows for faster communication and more thorough support.

Intimate learning environment

With drop-in studios, you may be one of 50 people in the room, which reduces the amount of personal instruction you will get from the teacher. Historically, people succeed in meditation when they are able to develop a personal relationship with their teacher while learning over multiple sessions. In that regard, we cap our trainings at 10 people so each participant gets plenty of personal attention.


What you’re investing in when you take my Vedic Meditation training:

  • Expertise - I’ve been a full-time teacher for over a dozen years and I’ve personally taught thousands of people from all walks of life to meditate with ease

  • Comprehensive Instruction - Having written two books on meditation and facilitated hundreds of trainings and retreats all over the world, I’ve become one of the world's most experienced teachers of Vedic Meditation

  • A personal touch - I check in with you personally on each day of the training to make sure you are having the desired experience and I make myself available to answer all of your questions and verify all of your experiences before and after you graduate from the course

  • Ongoing Support - Once you graduate from the training, you will have an open invitation to return to any of my future trainings as a refresher. Additionally, I will personally reach out to you on a weekly basis for a minimum of two years after you learn, just to make sure you have everything you need to stay consistent and that you are getting the most from your practice

  • Familiarity - I keep you in my database so it’s quick and easy to re-familiarize myself with your background should you need support from me years after you learn

  • Intimate Learning Environment - My trainings are capped at 10 participants, to insure that you receive as much personal attention as necessary


The cost of the training is $1250, but if you pre-register or attend an Intro to Meditation session, some discounts apply (see below). This one-time fee covers the cost of your instruction plus ongoing support and repeat access to future trainings. To qualify for one of the discounts, you must fill out our pre-registration form and once approved, you must register for the training, which is capped at 10 participants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Qualifying Discounts:

  • Standard (flex dates with refund option) Discount: -$250 | Total = $1,000 USD

  • Standard Plus (no refund option) Discount: -$350 | Total = $900

  • Couples (must register together) Discount: -$350 | Total = $900 (per person)

  • Hardship (proof must be provided) Discount: -$500 | Total = $750

  • Full-time students (w/ valid school ID) Discount: -$650 | Total = $600

  • Learn on a retreat Discount: -$850 | Total = $300

Note: refunds are honored on all registrations except Standard Plus before the training starts. All you have to do is let us know you’d like to cancel your registration. There are no refunds if you registered with the Standard Plus discount, but you can change the date as much as you’d like with any of the discounts. Your qualifying discount code will be emailed to you after you pre-register for the training. European rates are the equivalent amounts in euros (€) and pounds (£).

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’ve attended an Intro Session, but didn’t sign up, can I still qualify for a discount?
Yes, you may use the ongoing discount code you received at your Intro Session for a complimentary $150 USD discount.

What if I have to miss a session?
You must attend the first session in person, but if you miss any other session, Light can provide you with a recording, and you’ll be able to sit in on that session live the next time Light is teaching in your area. Regardless, he will be in touch with you on a regular basis once your course is over.

How much is the course in Pounds / Euros?
Whatever the current conversion rate is. You can check here.

Do you accept bank transfers?
Yes. email us and we will send you our wiring instructions.

How do I prove that I have a financial hardship?
Just do your best and if we have questions we’ll let you know.

I initially learned how to meditate at a TM center. Do I need to pay anything to attend Light’s training?
Yes, if you’re a former TMer, we have a suggested $250 donation for unlimited access to Light’s trainings. Make your donation here. Otherwise, we recommend taking advantage of the free support at your local TM center (Note: you will not receive a new mantra, this is just to attend Light’s refresher sessions).

How can I pay a customized amount?
You can go here to pay a customized amount.

How do I know it’s going to work?
You can read our Yelp reviews here to see what others had to say about their experiences.

Why is the meditation training on your retreat so inexpensive?
Because you still have to pay the additional cost of the retreat plus flights.

Do you have payment plans?
In some cases we can allow you to pay over three months using post-dated checks. If there’s space on the training, this might be an option. Please email us for more info.

Do you accept exchanges as payments?
We do occasionally, but you would have to fulfill your end of the exchange before we can train you.

Note: Each course is capped at 10 registrants on a first come first serve basis. We recommend registering ASAP to hold your space and if you need to cancel or reschedule for a new date, you can do so by emailing us (unless you registered with a Standard Plus discount, you can not cancel. You can only reschedule your training for a new date).