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How the process works

First, you need to attend an Intro to Meditation Session in your area

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Then, you can enroll in the 4-day Vedic Meditation training 

In the training, I’ll give you a personalized mantra and all that you need to meditate with ease and confidence.

Afterwards, you'll receive free ongoing support for life 

Your chances of success will skyrocket by enjoying access to my classes for life once you complete your training.

What people are saying...

"He checks in with you after the course and is always available should you need him, and I have. I'm grateful for meeting him."

Vicki B.
Los Angeles, CA

"I can honestly say that this has been one of the best investments that I've ever made in my life. You get ongoing support and the ability to retake the class any time in the future."

Jennifer J.
Los Angeles, CA

"If you've wanted to learn meditation, I encourage you to check out Light's training. Plus you have lifetime access to his classes."

Scott W.
Los Angeles, CA