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You have a lifetime warranty plus free ongoing support

Each graduate of the live Vedic Meditation training has access to the entire worldwide network of Vedic Meditation teachers and meditators. Your free support options include:

Refresher Courses

If you completed the live meditation course with Light Watkins or any of his colleagues, you may repeat any of the sessions at no cost and with no expiration. Check the calendar and drop in for a refresher at any time. No rsvp required.

Community Events

You have free access to all Vedic Meditation refresher courses and knowledge meeting, hosted by a variety of meditation teachers in cities around the world. We have a dedicated Facebook page for events. Click the button below and "like" the page to get updates.

Facebook Group

We have a private Vedic Meditation Facebook group with thousands of meditators from all over the world. You must request to join, and once added, you will be able to post meditation-related questions to a wider community of teachers and meditators.

The Vedic Worldview

Vedic master Thom Knoles discusses fascinating topics related to living life as a Vedic Meditator. You'll find Thom to be an engaging and witty storyteller, as well as one of the  foremost proponents of Vedic knowledge. Start with Season 1 and go from there.

MediMates app

This brilliant app was created by Vedic Meditation teacher Matt Ringrose as a way of connecting Vedic Meditators with Vedic Meditation teachers and events around the world. Download it and have access to the broader meditation community at your fingertips.

Bliss More

This book teaches you how to succeed in meditation without really trying and is the perfect companion to your meditation practice. It provides the principles of effortless meditation, and reminds meditators not to view their thinking mind as the enemy.

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If you've completed the live Vedic or Transcendental Meditation training, and you would like to be notified of Light's upcoming meditator-only events (workshops, retreats, knowledge meetings, group meditations, community events, etc), you may click the button below to sign up. 

Light's Daily Dose of Inspiration

Are you signed up for Light's daily inspirational email? If not, receiving it will be the perfect complement to your morning meditation routine and will help you start each day with a little more inspiration.

Interested in becoming a Vedic Meditation teacher?

Becoming a meditation teacher is about a 2-3 year long process. It starts with taking the basic training, then practicing in the Vedic Meditation style for a minimum of two years. During this time, you must attend a meditation retreat and take a series of advanced knowledge courses. Finally, you must attend a 3-month meditation teacher training in India. After satisfying all of those requirements, you will graduate as a Vedic Meditation teacher. There is no faster way to become a Vedic Meditation teacher. 

If you still have questions, please email info@beginmeditating.com.