About the Intro to Meditation session

Have you tried to meditate, but felt unsuccessful? Have you concluded that your mind is too busy for meditation? Or that you don't have time to meditate daily?

If so, this is a complimentary information session for you—people who want to finally learn how to meditate in a way that feels enjoyable enough to do it enthusiastically every day.

Facilitating this session is the meditation teacher who literally wrote the book on how to succeed in meditation—Light Watkins.

Light will be providing you with an overview of a very specific meditation technique and training that you can use to uplevel your experiences in meditation from "meh" to "oh my God, I love meditating!" and almost overnight you'll go from being a reluctant meditation-dabbler to meditation enthusiast.

After attending this free orientation, you will receive a deep discount to enroll in Light's comprehensive Vedic Meditation training, where you will join a community of thousands of others who Light has personally taught how to meditate in the easiest and most efficient way possible—and once your 4-day training is over, you'll continue to receive ongoing support with Light.

You may take the training as early as the next day if space is still available, or a future training. But this Intro Session is where everyone starts.

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"Light Watkins’s approach to meditation is both simple and profound. With him as your guide, you will unlock the secrets to establishing a regular and powerfully healthy daily practice.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Still have questions about the Intro Session? See the Frequently Asked Questions. And if you've already completed the training, click here for more support resources.