About this training

In this 4-day in-person comprehensive training, Light Watkins will teach you Vedic Meditation, which means you will learn every aspect of how to meditate in a self-sufficient way. At the conclusion of the training, you will continue to receive support in your practice as well as unlimited access to future courses from any teacher of Vedic Meditation. You will learn how to meditate successfully and easily without having to rely upon meditation apps, drop-in studio memberships, or outside guidance.

The schedule

All sessions are 90 minutes.

Day 1: Fri (by appt only)

Day 2: Sat (refresher for existing meditators)

Day 3: Sun (refresher for existing meditators)

Day 4: Mon  (refresher for existing meditators)

Note: Alternate times may be available upon request. 

The location

The Dukes Hotel

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To qualify for this training, it’s recommended that you first attend the Intro to Meditation. If you've already attended the Intro Session, click here to register for this training.

Why should you take this training?

This is one of the most comprehensive meditation trainings available, taught by one of the most experienced (and least airy-fairy) meditation teachers in the world. Plus the training includes complimentary ongoing support which is a rarity in meditation offerings. Click here to see our Yelp reviews.

If you've already completed the training...

Vedic Meditators have complimentary access to the last three sessions of this training as a refresher. You just need to be a graduate of the Vedic Meditation course with any qualified teacher, and show up. No need to rsvp or pay anything. Click here for more support resources and if you want to be notified of future refresher courses, you can sign up here.

Have more questions?

See the Frequently Asked Questions here.